We Deliver & Ship

Our order process uses secure transaction processing to take your order and charge your credit card. You can shop as a Guest or create your own personal login to make future visits easier.


Under absolutely no circumstances will we use your login info (email address, etc) for any other purpose than to fill your order and respond to your customer service requests. NO-SPAM! 


When placing an order you will be directed to enter your credit card information. This page is in a secure container that is hosted on a separate fully secure server. The credit card information is encrypted at the time of clicking submit. When the order goes through, a simple 'Approved' message is returned to our website. Our website and host never sees your credit card information nor is it stored anywhere. This makes it far more secure than other e-commerce pages that save your data, which can be compromised. If you have further questions just give us a call.


If you do choose to save a CC in your account, it is stored only on SalesVu's secure servers. SalesVu manages our website's e-commerce service.


You can shop here safely and securely. If this ain't your first rodeo, then go ahead and get to shoppin'.




If you want all the details on the ordering process, here's a step by step ...


Start by loading up your Shopping Cart with the types and quantities you need.


Note the maximum quantities allowed for each product type. We want to make sure we can fill your order quickly, so if you need more than the maximum shown, the system will warn you and you need to call the phone number at the top of the page to arrange large shipments.


Clicking checkout and completing the payment process will result in the following...


1. We will be notified of your order


2. We will run a final rebound verification on the balls you have ordered and package them


3. We will release your order to the shipping carrier


4. Once we verify your order has been received by the shipping carrier, you will receive an email verifying your order along with shipment tracking information.


RETURN POLICY - Quality Guarantee


When you purchase any of our tested used tennis balls, we guarantee the quantity of balls you ordered will meet the grading standard or we will replace them. To ensure this, and to account for occasional sorting errors, we always ship a few more than the ordered quantity (i.e a 300 box may actually contain 310, a 40 box may contain 41 or 42). If for some reason you receive fewer balls than ordered, or find that too few meet the standard, please call us so we can make it right.